Thanks for checking this out and your interest in a commission! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!


Size may vary, roughly 6405×8550

Simple/one-color background.

+Additional characters $75 CAD

$125 CAD each payment in advance via PayPal

Ink Sketch Examples:


Size may vary, roughly 6405×8550

Simple background included, with main focus on character portrait.

Thigh up pose holding weapon or object of choice, as well as a creature, or pet.

+Additional characters $175 CAD

$450 CAD each payment in advance via PayPal

Portrait Examples:


Size may vary, roughly 6405×8550

Simple/one-color background.

+Flat colours $75 CAD

Price negotiated ($125-$450 CAD depending on complexity) paid in advance via PayPal

Weapon Art Examples:


  1. Always credit me, Kim Mihok (@hapicatart) as the artist and do NOT sell my art as a NFT.
  2. DO NOT resell, reproduce, trace or edit my artwork in any way, shape, or form.
  3. Commissioner will be provided with weekly updates on the artwork’s progress for feedback until completion, (unless otherwise notified about a real life emergency) please be understanding that I work full time outside of my art and the commission will be a step by step process.
  4. Commissioned artwork is for personal use only. Commercial rights can be negotiated at additional cost.
  5. Commissioner will receive a digital artwork file sent to the email address provided, or via Twitter DM.
  6. I retain the right to display your commission in my portfolio to promote myself through social media.
  7. Unless stated otherwise I may want to stream working on the commission and reserve the right to do so. If your commission is a surprise or a gift, etc. then I will not spoil the surprise.
  8. By commissioning me you agree to everything above. TOS are subject to change without notice.



Detailled backgrounds

More than two characters


  1. When my commissions are open, please send your request with reference pictures and/or detailed description to or DM me on Twitter (@hapicatart). Be sure to include any information you think is relevant to the artwork.
  2. I (Kim Mihok), the artist, have the right to decline your request. If I don’t reply to you, your request was declined. You are free to try again the next time my commissions are open, please understand that I cannot accept everyone’s requests at the same time and I don’t want to leave my commissioners waiting for an lengthy period of time before I start their commission. Thank you for your understanding.
  3. You will be sent a sketch for approval before payment is made, and multiple WIPs during the commission process.
  4. No refunds/or changes after the final artwork has been sent.
  5. As soon as you approve the sketch, I will send you an invoice on paypal. Please pay in full or I will not start your artwork. Currency MUST be $ CAD.
  6. If for any reason I am unable to complete your commission, a full refund will be provided.
  7. Finishing a commission may take up to a month or so, depending on how full my schedule is.